Newsletter - 3/27/08

HYCO PLANT NOISE – If you’ve been anywhere within about 5 miles of the power plant, you have probably heard the loud, rushing steam noise that occurs in short 5 second burst.  This occurs mainly during the morning hours but can occur at most any time.  The short burst are caused by steam being vented from the plant during start-up of a boiler and turbine.  The steam driven turbines are very large machines that have precise clearances in the rotating blades and the stationary diaphragms.  Being steam turbines, they cannot tolerate water vapor due to erosion or the cutting effect of water at high pressures much like a pressure washer.  To insure there is no water in the steam lines, the plant operator will vent the steam to the atmosphere using an electrically operated power control valve.  So the next time you hear the short burst of steam, just remember this is Progress at work supplying electricity all over the southeast.  After all, if it were not for Progress, there would be no Lake Hyco!


LOCAL REALTORS MERGE – Pointer and Associates Realty and Oakland Realty, Ltd have merged and associated with the national chain of Prudential.  The new name is Prudential – Pointer and Associates Realty.  They are currently keeping offices open in Uptown Roxboro across from the Post Office and two offices at Hyco Lake with one being located beside Lakeside Restaurant and the other at the old Oakland office across the first bridge on Hwy 57 N.  Their telephone numbers are: 336 597-5544 or 800 764-6837.  Their web site is:   Both Realtors have Hyco and Mayo property listings along with other local listings so give them a call if you are thinking about buying or selling.


AREA SERVICES – With summer coming and that lake home needing cleaning up, Mickie’s Cleaning Service is available to put your home in top shape.  Also if you have a rental and would like them to handle that cleaning job, they can do it.  Call Mickie at: 336 599-5182. Free estimates.


Also, Connie Long is offering cleaning services in the area.  We can speak personally for her capabilities so if you would like to contact Connie for a free estimate, call her at: 336 583-0328


ENTERTAINMENT – The Pizazz Band will appear this Saturday night at The Flaming Star (3/29/08)  Last time Pizazz played there, the house was packed so be sure to come early or call ahead to reserve a table.  For more information, visit their web site at:  You can also download a member application on the web site and save some money on door fees.  Event schedule also on the web site.


Keith Henderson as “ELVIS” is also at the Homestead Steakhouse this Saturday night.


Also, Steel Magnolia’s is being performed at the Kirby in Uptown Roxboro April 4, 5 & 6.  If you haven’t been to a performing arts event at the Kirby to see all the local talent we have in the area, this is a good time to go!  Get more info and tickets on their web site:


“Clash of the Carts” will be a fun event in Uptown Roxboro on Saturday April 26th.  We’ve heard of some outrageous entries for these unpowered, non-production, run-whatcha-brung carts.  It’s not too late to get some buddies together and throw together your idea for a cart.  It can be anything that coast down a hill.  Real money awarded in prizes.  Advertising opportunities available for the retainer walls (hay bails).  More info on the RUDC web site:  See the outrageous entry from the City involving a trash roll-cart on the site. Free to the public.  Applications for entries online also along with guidelines and rules.


A Night Club is also being pursued to go in beside Vesuvio’s II in Uptown Roxboro.  Lawrie Ira who was very active in Uptown activities in the past, is working with Vesuvio’s II to bring entertainment to Uptown.  Look for more info about this in future emails.


U.S. SENATOR VISIT – U.S. Senator from North Carolina Richard Burr will be in Person County tonight (Thursday) at the Homestead Festival House at 6:00.  Meal included with ticket.  If you do not have a ticket and would like to attend, email or call me and I can insure you get into see Mr. Burr.  Mr. Burr is rumored to be on the possible list of Vice Presidential candidates to run with John McCain so come out to see this fine representative of North Carolina!  Call me at: 336 504-1857 if you need tickets.


SUMMER JOB OPPORTUNITY – We have a need for a part time person working in the computer and technology field so if you know of a college student or someone else who would like to work part time for a few months, please contact me. or 336 504-1857


AREA RESTAURANT INFO – The new KFC/Taco Bell restaurant on the Durham road near Lowes is shaping up and hopes to open mid-April.  I talked to the staff at the existing KFC and they report they’ve all been trained and ready to make your favorite Mexican meals.  They are also hiring an additional 25 people to staff the larger restaurant.  We hear the old KFC building may have another food business lined up to take the building after KFC moves.


Lakeside Restaurant last I heard was to re-open around the first of April.  New owner Jeff Oliver insures me he will offer great food and entertainment.  Jeff was involved a few years ago in the restaurant and knows how to insure quality service.   I have noticed some activity in the restaurant the last few days so they are probably getting things ready to go.


Mickey’s Restaurant in Semora has been sold and the new owners hope to re-open the first of April also.  (Looks like a lot of changes for April!)  Local residents will be managing Mickey’s we hear.


We were at Aunt Millie’s last night in Milton and Aunt Millie (Gwen) reports that business is good with VIR Raceway back in swing.  She is also offering buffet during the weekend so you can get a sample of all her menu items.  I most times get the “Kitchen Sink” which has four meats and all the fixings.  They also have your favorite beverages and don’t forget that ice cream and cheese cake!  See more info at:   


CHAMBER of COMMERCE – The Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce is having a membership drive.  If you didn’t attend the Business After Hours last Thursday at Dalton’s Sports Bar in Uptown, then you missed a good time.  See more Chamber info at: Also, don’t forget Administrative Professionals during April.  This includes any person who works so hard at keeping our businesses open!  More info also on the Chamber web site about a luncheon on April 22.  Don’t forget your Admin people or you’ll pay the rest of the year in more ways than one!


PERSONHARLEY.COM – Not a site just for Harley Davidson motorcycle owners but a local web site to enhance and highlight our area. is a web site to inform locals and visitors about our area who happen to ride motorcycles.  Most all motorcyclist enjoy riding a hour or so and then stopping to relax and spend money!  What a great way to showcase our area.  Sign up on the site to get useful information concerning motorcycling, view a event calendar, post your bike for sale, view ride routes, find local stops suitable for motorcyclist and so on.  Motorcycling is getting much more popular with the cost of gasoline.  The average investment in a Harley is over $20,000 and the average age of the new buyer is 45 so these aren’t you Hell’s Angels anymore.  In fact they (we) are doctors, D.A.s, dentist, business owners, engineers and most every profession imaginable.


More news when it occurs!

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